When times are hardΒ 

So its a glorious sunny day in London. Feels like Summer, as it should be! We dont get a lot of sun here. So any sun is good sun. Its always nice because people automatically appear to be a a better mood. Seeing other people happy is infectious, it rubs off on you too – the key is to let it even when you’re sad. 

People handle sadness differently. I tend to isolate myself from people, spend more time alone than what is considered healthy and do nothing but think over and over about the things upsetting me.

That is a bad way to be. 

Dont get me wrong. Its good to have some alone time. To get your head around things, but do it in moderation. There is little time to spend feeling sorry for yourself and your situation. The world will still keep spinning, however much you feel like your own world is at a standstill. 

Even when you do not want to do things, to speak to people – force yourself. Otherwise before you recognise it you will find yourself in a viscious cycle of sadness day in and day out – that is very hard to get out of. Where your productivity levels are terribly low and you do not feel like your worth much. 

When I say speak to people, it does not have to necessarily be at the things upsetting you. A lot of the time I dont like to talk about how I feel. So talk about other things. I like to hear about whats going on in other peoples lives. What are they upto? 

I believe that the greater the extent of your sadness the greater the need to be around positivity. Some find that in prayer, others in family and in friends amongst other things. Identify where your source is and seek it. 

A little technique that I try to implement is writing down one thing that I would like to complete in a day. Write it when you wake up. Try your hardest to complete it by the end of the day. Depending on how you feel, it may take several attempts throughout the day to achieve your goal. But going to sleep that night, knowing that you have done something with your day – helps in your road to recovering to the cheerful person you were before life chewed you up and spat you out! 

Things do get better. But you have take the appropriate steps to get there. It wont just fix itself. 

For those that are happy, im pleased for you! For those that are struggling, I wish better days for you. 

Have a good day/night wherever you are! 

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Still here!


God. It has been awhile hasn’t it?!

My instagram has been pretty inactive and I think the last time I wrote a post was a couple months ago.

I owe you guys an explanation. I had a whole heap of exams, took some time away from blogging to get some revision done. But then I got out of the blogging routine and found it difficult to return. I have also been thinking about pushing my blogging in a different direction, but I am hesitate about whether or not you will like it.

Let me explain.

I claimed that I wanted to be a lifestyle blogger, but a lot of my posts up till now have been makeup related. Although I do enjoy reviewing products I want focus on the other parts of blog. I want to create a balance, right now the blog is more of a beauty blog than anything else!

Its almost been a year since I started blogging, how time flies? So I think now is an ideal time to enforce some change. I hope you guys will stick around!

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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Charlotte Tilbury

Hello Hello

Today I am bringing you a very small post, its just on one item! I hope you like it.

For awhile I have been mesmerized by Charlotte Tilbury’s collection. I think the branding and packaging makes it stand out from among the competition. Its very luxurious, elegant and simple – so it didnt come as too much of a surprise when I was unable to resist making a purchase!

I took a trip to Selfridges and walked around the Charlotte Tilbury counter, admiring all of her products. I decided that I would purchase a lip product because thats probably my most favourite type of makeup at the moment. I have a tanned/brown complexion and I was after a nude/pink shade, one that looked very natural.

And so voila! This is what I got:




How lovely is it?! I love the gold lipstick case, it comes with the letters CT engraved on the lid and Charlotte Tilbury written on the side. This is probably the prettiest lipstick I own.

This shade is called Very Victoria. Below is a swatch of it directly under light and away from light.




The lipstick has a creamy texture and it has a matte finish on the lips. I have found that my lips stay moisturised with it on, thats probably because of the papaya and orchid in it. This lipstick cost Β£23 but its well worth it!

You just have to own at least one Charlotte Tilbury lipstick – its the rule.

If you guys have any recommendations from Charlotte Tilbury please do let me know – Lipsticks or otherwise!

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